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Everything you need to know to launch your book.



Proposal guides:

How to Write a Book Proposal That Sells

Acquiring editors at major publishing imprints want 5 things.


How to Record a 1-minute Campaign Video

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Promotion help:

16,871 book subscribers in 10 minutes

An author platform is a few clicks away.


How to Write a Book Pitch That Gets Noticed–Not Ignored

Here's how to do it.



Publisher interest:

How to Talk to Book Publishers

Acquisitions editors are usually your first contact.




What Authors Say

Publishizer authors share their crowdpublishing stories.



How Crowd Publishing Helped My Book Dream Become a Reality

Jack Shitama, author of Anxious Church Anxious People wrote on crowdpublishing.



Is Crowdfunding a Book Right For You?

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The Complete Guide To Crowdfunding Your Next Book

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Wildfires, Crowdpublishing, Stolen Cars & $20,000

Jeremiah Gardner, author of The Lean Brand shares 5 lessons.



How I got $12k in book preorders in 1 month

Jon Yongfook, author of Growth Hacking Handbook shares his journey.



How To Successfully Crowd-Publish Your Book

Jason B. Ladd, author of One Of The Few gets published.



Show me the money: Crowdfunding for writers

Dorit Sasson, author of Sand and Steel has 10 steps.