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Recent Business book deals

Derek Loudermilk

Athlete, scientist, and host of The Art of Adventure podcast


Kogan Page

Natalie Sisson

Digital nomad and author of The Suitcase Entrepreneur

The Freedom Plan

North Star Way

Ajit Nawalkha

Co-founder of MindValley and Evercoach

Live Big

BenBella Books

Recent Health book deals

Dan Cleland

Founder of Arkana Spiritual Center, and host of The DCXP podcast

Pulse of the Jungle

Lioncrest Publishing

Michele Ross, PhD

Neuroscientist, cannabinoid researcher, and Director of IMPACT Network

Vitamin Weed

GreenStone Books

T.J. Anderson

Clinical Health Coach and healthcare entrepreneur

The Art of Health Hacking

Morgan James Publishing

Recent Literary Fiction book deals

Stu Krieger

Emmy award-winning screenwriter of The Land Before Time

That One Cigarette

Harvard Square Editions

Susan Wands

Writer, producer, actor, and tarot reader

Magician & Fool

i2i Publishing

Davila LeBlanc

Published author of Dark Transmissions and Syndicate’s Pawns

The Endless Song

Harper Voyage

Recent Memoirs book deals

Cecilia Perez-Matos

Daughter of the former President of Venezuela

The President’s Daughter

Harvard Square Editions

Hannes van Rensburg

Founder of Fundamo, an African startup sold to Visa, Inc. for $110 million

Cash In, Cash Out

Christel Foord

Annie Kim

North Korean American artist, model, and bodywork therapist

A Beautiful Evolution

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

Recent Mind & Body book deals

Michael Sanders

Storyteller, explorer, and partner at SunMoon Energy

Ayahuasca: An Executive’s Enlightenment

Sage & Feather Press

Melissa Stangl

Bioengineer and psychedelic science thought leader

Roots of Consciousness

Sunbury Press

Guy Crittenden

Award-winning environmental journalist at Reality Sandwich

The Year of Drinking Magic

Apocryphile Press

Recent Science book deals

Sean Avila Saiter, PhD

Psychologist researching consciousness for 20 years

The Afterlife

Red Wheel / Weiser

Dr. Michael Cotton

Theorist in the evolution of consciousness and Founder at Higher Brain Living

Source Code Meditation

Findhorn Press

Dr. Dan Engle, MD

Psychiatrist, neurologist, and peak performance trainer

Concussion Repair Manual

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

Recent Technology book deals

Brad Szollose

Millennial Whisperer, management consultant, and TEDx speaker 

Liquid Leadership 2.0

Morgan James Publishing

Ayelet Baron

Corporate strategist, Chief Strategy Officer at Cisco 

Our Journey To Corporate Sanity

Param Media

Vitaly Golomb

Venture capitalist, speaker, Global Startup Evangelist at HP Tech Ventures

Accelerated Startup

Time Traveller Books

Recent Indie book deals

Lynn Marie Morski

Attorney, physician, and lifelong quitting enthusiast

Quitting By Design

Austin Macauley

Leena Olaimy

Dalai Lama Fellow and Fulbright Scholar



Xanet Pailet

Sex and Intimacy coach, lived a sexless marriage for decades

Living An Orgasmic Life



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<p>Ajit Nawalkha &middot; Co-founder of MindValley and Evercoach</p>

<p><a href="">Live Big</a> &middot; BenBella Books</p>

“With Publishizer, I got picked up by a phenomenal publisher.”

Ajit Nawalkha · Co-founder of MindValley and Evercoach

Live Big · BenBella Books

<p>Xanet Paulet &middot; Lawyer turned sex and intimacy coach</p>

<p><a href="">Living An Orgasmic Life</a> &middot; Mango Books</p>

“As a first time author, I was thrilled with the results.”

Xanet Paulet · Lawyer turned sex and intimacy coach

Living An Orgasmic Life · Mango Books

<p>Melissa Stangl &middot; Bioengineer and psychedelic science thought leader</p>

<p><a href="">Roots Of Consciousness</a> &middot; Sunbury Press</p>

“I'm extremely happy with the way everything was handled!”

Melissa Stangl · Bioengineer and psychedelic science thought leader

Roots Of Consciousness · Sunbury Press

<p>Derek Loudermilk &middot; Pro athlete and host of The Art of Adventure podcast</p>

<p><a href="">Superconductors</a> &middot; Kogan Page</p>

“Publishizer helped me take my book from concept to reality.”

Derek Loudermilk · Pro athlete and host of The Art of Adventure podcast

Superconductors · Kogan Page

<p>Chef Gigi Gaggero &middot;&nbsp; Pioneer in children&rsquo;s culinary education</p>

<p><a href="">Food Fight</a>&nbsp;&middot; Koehler Books</p>

“Publishizer made my dream come true.”

Chef Gigi Gaggero ·  Pioneer in children’s culinary education

Food Fight · Koehler Books

<p>Stu Krieger &middot; Hollywood screenwriter of <em>The Land Before Time</em></p>

<p><a href="">That One Cigarette</a> &middot; Harvard Square Editions</p>

"My entire Publishizer experience has been a joy.”

Stu Krieger · Hollywood screenwriter of The Land Before Time

That One Cigarette · Harvard Square Editions

<p>T.J. Anderson &middot; Clinical health coach and healthcare entrepreneur</p>

<p><a href="">The Art of Health Hacking</a> &middot; Morgan James Publishing</p>

“Publishizer helped me find a publisher I love!”

T.J. Anderson · Clinical health coach and healthcare entrepreneur

The Art of Health Hacking · Morgan James Publishing

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What is a book proposal?
A book proposal is used to attract publisher interest. Proposals are 1000-5000 words, and include a synopsis, chapter outline, author bio, target audience, marketing plan, and 1-2 sample chapters. Publishizer proposals are hosted online.

Do I need a finished manuscript?
For nonfiction, no manuscript is needed. In fact, it’s preferred. 90% of nonfiction books are acquired before the book is written.

How does pitching work?
At the end of your crowdfunding campaign, Publishizer uses algorithms and data science to pitch a list of relevant acquiring editors. If the editor expresses interest, they will get in contact with you directly.

How many publishers do you pitch?
We pitch at least 30 publishers for you. This includes traditional, advance-paying publishers, although we cannot guarantee an advance. To help you land a deal, we also pitch independent publishers and high-quality hybrid publishers who take a stake in the success of your book.

What are the advantages of a traditional publisher?
Prestige and publicity. Traditional publishers focus on strong author platforms and mainstream commercial potential. They pay author advances, and do not charge authors. However, expect only 5-15% royalties, and loss of creative control.

What are the advantages of an independent publisher?
Quality and attention. Independent publishers seek quality writers with a clearly defined audience for marketing. They do not normally pay advances, and do not charge authors. Expect royalties between 15-30%, and more hands-on attention than traditional publishers.

What are the advantages of a hybrid publisher?
Speed and flexibility. Hybrid publishers offer partnerships with authors looking to reach a wider readership and build their audience. They do not pay advances, and normally charge authors an upfront cost, or require a minimum order of books. Expect royalties between 30-70%, and the highest level of service, speed, and creative flexibility.

What happens if I don’t receive a publishing offer I’m happy with?
We guarantee you will receive at least 3 publishing offers, if you hit 250 pre-orders. If you hit 250 pre-orders and don't receive 3 publishing offers within 7 days of your campaign ending, we will pitch an additional 10 publishers for you, to help you get more offers.

Can you write the book proposal for me?
Yes. We offer a done-for-you book proposal writing service for a fee, and we can arrange a ghost writer to write the book for you. Please contact us for more information.

Have another question? Please contact us