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“The Publishizer team are a joy to work with.”

Dan Cleland · Founder of Soltara and host of The Dan Cleland Experience podcast

Pulse of the Jungle  ·  Lioncrest Publishing

“I recommend Publishizer to every author I meet.”

Lynn Marie Morskey · Physician, attorney, and quitting strategist

Quitting By Design · Austin Macauley

“Publishizer helped me find a publisher I love!”

T.J. Anderson · Clinical health coach and healthcare entrepreneur

The Art of Health Hacking · Morgan James Publishing

“Getting a traditional contract was my ultimate goal, and Publishizer helped me do that.”

Chaithanya Sohan ·  Silicon Valley engineer

America Deconstructed ·  Motivational Press

"It’s been a pleasure working with the Publishizer team. ”

Nadir Mehadji · Investment banker and design thinker

The Cat & The Banker  ·  Marshall Cavendish

"I was determined to self publish until I worked with Publishizer."

Susan Wands · Writer, producer, actor, and tarot reader

Magician & Fool · i2i Publishing

“Thank you for helping turn my dreams into reality!”

Guy Crittenden · Award-winning environmental journalist

The Year of Drinking Magic  ·  Apocryphile Press

“Publishizer helped me through every stage of the process.”

Nadia Finer · Business coach, speaker, and podcaster

Little Me, Big Business  ·  Morgan James Publishing

“Publishizer was a great experience! Super easy and well managed.”

James Kane · Co-founder of Two Bulls and first time sci-fi novelist

The Biohacker’s Almanac ·  Dragon Moon Press

“I'm thrilled that Publishizer gave me the freedom to choose my publisher.”

Natalie Sisson · #1 bestselling author, entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster, and adventurer

The Freedom Plan ·  Motivational Press

"Publishizer allowed me to bring a lifelong dream to fruition."

Michael Sanders · Chief Storyteller at Horizon Blockchain Games

Ayahuasca · Sage & Feather Press

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For 30 days, publishers receive a weekly round-up that includes your proposal. Use our promotion tools to gain increased exposure.

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Pre-sell copies of your book on Publishizer to unlock a direct pitch to the inboxes of traditional advance-paying publishers.

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Publishers express interest, and you can respond to the publishers you’re interested in. We offer support and guidance through to signing a publishing deal.

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9/10 Authors Land A Deal On Publishizer

Choose the best publishing deal to suit your needs and desires.

Traditional Publishers

Traditional publishers pay author advances, their author royalties tend to be at 10-20%.

Independent Publishers

Independent publishers may or may not pay author advances, however, they tend to offer the most hands-on support, and offer the most author friendly deal, at 15-50%.

Hybrid Publishers

Hybrid publishers may or may not charge authors, which are covered through pre-orders. They tend to be flexible and the fastest to bring your book to market. Royalties range from 50-70%.

Service Publishers

Service publishers charge upfront costs, which are covered or subsidised with pre-orders. They offer the highest level of control and ownership, since authors keep 100% royalties.

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We Believe In Fairer Deals

Leverage pre-orders to land the best deal for your next book.

No Risks To Launch

There are no costs or risks to launch a Publishizer campaign. We keep a 30% fee on pre-orders sold during the campaign, and no commission on advances or royalties. You might get approached by one of our agents, but you're always in control :)

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Tools & Resources For Authors

We only make money if you make money, so we invest in building marketing tools and creating resources to help you sell copies.

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Pre-orders Attract Publishers

Many publishers receive hundreds of proposals every day. Authors who pre-sell copies of their book stand out from the crowd, and this makes your proposal more attractive to publishers.

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We Sell Print, Ebook, Audiobook, Film/TV & Foreign Rights

As a Publishizer author, you have the opportunity to work with a team of full-time, professional literary agents. Our headquarters are in Brooklyn, New York.

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