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We are building the world’s book publishing marketplace

Meet the P-Team

Publishizer started in an office in southern India that cost $20 per month. In our early days, we lived and worked together in Bali and Peru. These days, Publishizer is headquartered in Amsterdam, with an office in New York City.

Ink In Our Blood

Our story begins at a book printing company in the industrial heartlands of Singapore. Guy Vincent was frustrated at turning away great authors who couldn’t afford to print to their great books. Publishizer started as a crowdfunding platform for books, and was soon accepted into the 500 Startups accelerator in Mountain View, California. Publishizer, Inc. was born on May 22, 2015.

We realised early on that authors were stuck between a rock and a hard place: traditional publishing rejected 99% of book ideas, but self-publishing was both insanely expensive and didn’t help great books get discovered. Publishers started taking notice of our authors, who were raising substantial amounts of money through pre-orders, and were able to offer authors a fairer deal. Our New York City office was opened in Brooklyn in 2017.

In 2018, Publishizer started landing traditional publishing deals for authors. With an injection of funding from Rockstart and Arches Capital in Netherlands, we opened our Amsterdam office. Publishizer BV was incorporated in March 2019.

Today, Publishizer is revolutionising how books get published. We crowdfund books, negotiate publishing deals, and sell foreign rights. Through our team of literary agents, we identify great book ideas, enable them through crowdfunding, and spread them by negotiating traditional and independent publishing deals that reach the most readers.

In Stories We Trust

We believe  thousands of great books go unpublished or undiscovered every year. We are non-traditional book agents who enable great books through technology. Publishizer gives up royalties to focus on rights and licensing.

Great books everywhere

We envision a world where great books are everywhere. We are revolutionising the rights and licensing side of publishing, to help books get sold, translated, and published in many languages around the world.

Our mission is to discover, enable and spread great book ideas. 

Every year, over 1,000,000 book ideas are rejected by traditional publishing. Our agents seek to discover the great book ideas among them, enable them through crowdfunding, and spread them through negotiating publishing deals.

Our values

We live by three values: Love What You Do; Give Freedom; and Take Responsibility. We're avid book lovers, but we believe there's more to life than books. We're an international team who live at the intersection of publishing and technology.

How It Works

Publishizer is reinventing the way great books get discovered and published. Getting a book published is a beast of a task. We make the process clearer and faster than any other solution out there. 

Pitch an agent. Pitch your book idea to us in 100 words or less. One of our agents will be assigned to you, and will guide you through submitting a book proposal.

Submit a proposal. Submit a book proposal with at least 1000 words and 2 sample chapters. Use our guided book proposal template and help resources to meet high industry standards.

Sell pre-orders. Sell pre-orders for 30 days, with the minimum goal of 500 copies. It is the author’s responsibility to prove there is demand for their book.

Sign a publishing deal. If the minimum goal is reached, then your agent pitches traditional and independent publishers, to negotiate the best deal for you. If the minimum goal is not reached, then your book idea still gets pitched to publishers, but your agent will not represent your book.

The Fine Print

The world of  publishing can seem downright scary. Don't fear. We are diligent to ensure we work with quality, credible publishers. Using Publishizer is free, and we only earn money when authors earn money.

It’s free to launch a campaign. There are no costs, minimum purchases, or hidden fees to launch a campaign on Publishizer. You can use our book proposal template free of charge.

We earn 30% of pre-orders. This allows our book agents to work with a wider range of authors. We do not limit ourselves to celebrities with huge platforms, like most traditional agencies.

We earn 30% of paid advances. If traditional or independent publishers express interest in your book proposal, then your agent negotiates the best possible deal with a paid advance.

We give up royalties. Authors and publishers earn more money with us, since we don’t keep royalties. Yes, Publishizer is not your traditional literary agency.

We sell subsidiary rights. Publishizer is building the defining publishing rights marketplace. Our agents sell foreign rights and subsidiary rights, such as audiobooks, film, TV, and gaming rights.

Useful Stuff

Read the case studies. Every book is different, with each author adopting a unique strategy for their Publishizer campaign. We don’t believe that a one-size-fits-all approach. We believe that each great book idea needs its own strategy. Read these case studies to get some inspiration.

View our help resources. Not sure how to write a book proposal, build an author platform, or sell 1000 copies on your own? That’s totally normal. Explore the help resources to give your book the best chance of attracting interest from one of our agents.

Read the FAQ. Publishing is a complex beast, especially when it comes to rights and contracts. It’s in your own interests to understand the basics of publishing a book. As your agent, we handle the technical, legal, and financial details of the contact with your publisher. If you have concerns, please consult our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Data Policy.