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Learn what worked for these successful authors

From book launch parties to beers with the author, creative minds from all genres are using Publishizer to turn publishing into a community experience for readers. Let's hear from the authors themselves how they did it.

The Complete Guide To Crowdfunding Your Next Book

<p>Tom Morkes, author of <a href="">Collaborate</a>&nbsp;(Insurgent Publishing)</p>

"Thanks to Publishizer, I was able to raise over $12,000 in less than 30 days before I ever put pen to paper to write my book. If you are a fan of the lean startup model for businesses, Publishizer is the lean startup model for books."

Tom Morkes, author of Collaborate (Insurgent Publishing)

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The Future of Self-Publishing, A First-Hand Account

<p>Scott Bales, author of <a href="">Mobile Ready</a>&nbsp;(Innovation Labs)</p>

"Crowd-publishing is recreating the nature of the publishing industry. It’s empowering authors to new heights. The innovative entrepreneur in me chose the path that would give me the greatest leverage and create the strongest learning journey."

Scott Bales, author of Mobile Ready (Innovation Labs)

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Wildfires, Crowdpublishing, Stolen Cars & $20,000

<p>Jeremiah Gardner, author of <a href="">The Lean Brand</a>&nbsp;(Market By Numbers Press)</p>

"Publishing is changing, and Publishizer is at the forefront of the future of the industry. In this shifting landscape, I was glad to have gone the crowd-publishing route. It made my writing better, gave me invaluable learnings, and most importantly, connected me directly with my audience."

Jeremiah Gardner, author of The Lean Brand (Market By Numbers Press)

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How I Raised Over $10,000 in 21 Days to Self-Publish My First Book

<p>Ryan Hanley, author of <a href="">Content Warfare</a>, $10,905 pre-orders (Amazon #1 bestseller)</p>

In only 30 days, Publishizer allowed me to activate my audience and validate my book idea by helping me raise over $10,000. I wouldn't have a book today if it wasn't for Publishizer and can't recommend the platform enough to budding authors.

Ryan Hanley, author of Content Warfare, $10,905 pre-orders (Amazon #1 bestseller)

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How I got $12k in book preorders in 1 month

<p>Jon Yongfook, author of <a href="">Growth Hacking Handbook</a>&nbsp;(Self-published)</p>

"I raised over $12k in a month for my first book. Without Publishizer, the Growth Hacking Handbook wouldn't exist!"

Jon Yongfook, author of Growth Hacking Handbook (Self-published)

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<p>Jason B. Ladd, author of <a href="">One Of The Few</a>&nbsp;(Boone Shepherd)</p>

Publishizer created the venue I needed to get my book proposal needed exposure. I exceeded my goal of $7,500 in just over 30 days. Crowd-publishing is a powerful new force in the publishing industry.

Jason B. Ladd, author of One Of The Few (Boone Shepherd)

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